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Your Family Home

A Dedicated Family Law Practice in Brea, California

Who stays in the family home — and how to reach a fair community property settlement that balances this asset against others — has long been a key issue in divorce. Unfortunately, financial realities in recent years have added complexity due to many people being "upside down" or "under water" on the family home. In many cases, what once might have been a mild dispute or fairly straightforward negotiation over a major asset is today a challenge involving which party is better equipped to assume significant debt.

Our respected Orange County law firm, led by certified family law specialist Brenda McCune, is dedicated to helping you understand your legal options and make sound decisions under extremely challenging circumstances. Beginning with a free consultation, Ms. McCune can help you gain clarity and take action in your best interests.

From Obtaining Valuations to Pursuing Short Sales, We Offer Sound Legal Guidance

Important issues to consider in your divorce and associated property division settlement may include:

  • Obtaining accurate valuations for your family home and any other real estate under current market conditions
  • Documenting any separate property interest you may have in the house if, for example, you owned the house prior to your marriage or sold inherited property to invest in the home
  • Resolving any dispute over which party should leave your home while your divorce is in process — given that California law only allows the court to mandate the husband or wife leave the home in cases involving domestic violence
  • Determining whether it may be feasible for you to take the home and make payments after divorce, or whether working toward a short sale makes the most sense for you

Turn to an Attorney Determined to Protect Your Interests

Divorce almost always leads to major changes in the financial circumstances of everyone involved. Veteran lawyer Brenda McCune is widely known and respected for diligence in making certain our clients meet their fiduciary duty, and for resourcefulness in dealing with challenging property distribution disputes.

Simply stated, we believe in determining all of the facts — involving qualified experts as necessary — and finding ways to help you emerge in the best possible financial shape to move forward. To request a free consultation, please call or e-mail us today.