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Separate & Inherited Property

Protection of Your Financial Interests in a California Divorce

As a community property state, California has established a family law code intended to make property division as straightforward as possible. In reality, however — and especially in times of economic turbulence — many types of disputes can arise.

An equally important thrust of our laws is an emphasis on making sure that each party in a divorce receives their separate (non-marital) property back. If you are concerned about recovering your inherited money, assets you brought into the marriage, or other property you feel is yours alone, contact us now at the Brea-based Law Office of Brenda Lynn McCune.

A Determined Effort to Obtain Your Inherited or Other Separate Property

The heart of this challenge, in most cases, is providing proof that your property is — or once was — separate and yours alone. Even if money or other assets have been "commingled" during the marriage, bringing forth the proper records and documentation can often lead to a positive result in your quest to keep your inheritance or other separate property.

Enlisting Qualified Professionals to Build the Best Case for You

Untangling complex assets and issues of ownership is work for qualified accountants — and we have access to the specialists your specific case may require. At our firm, we do not cut corners by trying to do this sophisticated work in-house. We let experts do the research and the math — and then attorney Brenda McCune applies the law and advocates on your behalf.

Our firm's success has been built on delivering honest counsel, setting realistic expectations and assertively negotiating or litigating for positive results. When it comes to dividing property and debts in your divorce case, we do everything we can to help you emerge with all assets that are rightfully yours.

For a Free Consultation Focused on Your Key Issues, Call 714.660.2296 or 888.841.3203 (Toll Free)

Our divorce clients — many with concerns about separate property — come from throughout Orange County and nearby communities, ranging from Diamond Bar to La Habra, Fullerton to Yorba Linda, and Fullerton to Irvine. Having a board-certified family law specialist working your case can make a real difference, as our track record of success demonstrates.

To speak free of charge with a lawyer who will hear you out and lay her view of your case on the line, we encourage you to call or e-mail us today and arrange a consultation time.