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Concealed/Hidden Assets

Locating Hidden Assets or Defending Against False Allegations

Full financial disclosure is not an option when divorcing in California. Failure to do is a breach of fiduciary duty that can empower the court to strip anyone found to have hidden marital assets of those assets' full value.

If you suspect that your husband or wife is concealing money or property that should be part of the marital property division settlement — or you believe you may face false allegations yourself — please contact us now at The Law Office of Brenda McCune in Brea.

Working with experienced forensic accountants and applying her own business law background, divorce lawyer Brenda McCune knows how to use the discovery process and manage information to find concealed or disguised marital property. Whatever it takes within the law, we are committed to getting the full financial disclosure you are entitled to and obtaining or protecting money and property that is rightfully yours.

Versatility and Quality Connections to Achieve Your Goals

Our legal team and network of outside resources is well equipped to:

  • Find the money and follow paper trails leading to undisclosed marital property
  • Look beyond tax returns and bank account statements to other resources that may reveal where and how assets have been hidden
  • Exercise due diligence in following up on your suspicions about your divorcing spouse's activity — ultimately offering you peace of mind and closure
  • Assemble conclusive evidence that there are no hidden or concealed assets, if you have been falsely accused by your spouse
  • Assert your right to separate property, including inherited property, even if it has been commingled with marital property

Targeting Full Disclosure and Fair Resolution of Property Issues in Your Divorce

We have built a strong reputation throughout Orange County and beyond for resourceful, comprehensive protection of our family law clients' financial interests. Attorney Brenda McCune is experienced in cases involving self-employment, contracting businesses, business valuation and disputes over business assets such as valuable equipment.

Whatever the key issues in your case — including your strong suspicion that marital assets are being concealed — we encourage you to call or e-mail our office today to arrange a free consultation with board-certified family law specialist Brenda McCune.