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Business Interests & Valuation

Are Business Valuation and Property Division Key Issues in Your Divorce?

If you have a family business or shared business interests and decide you must divorce, you almost certainly need a financially savvy, experienced family law attorney on your side. Applying many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of current law, Brenda McCune has successfully advocated for many men and women in divorce cases where business valuation and other complex property division were central issues.

You can turn to our firm for quality counsel and representation across the spectrum of California family law — including gathering of critical documentation and development of a strategy to obtain your fair, lawful share of any interest in a business or professional practice.

Combining Expert Research with Proven Negotiating and Litigating Skills

In a law career launched in 1996, and in many cases since founding The Law Office of Brenda Lynn McCune in 2001, Ms. McCune has handled divorces involving ownership interests in:

  • Restaurants and other service businesses
  • Manufacturing plants, machine shops
  • Medical and legal practices, as well as other professional practices
  • Contracting businesses, including those where considerable business is conducted in cash and issues of concealed or hidden assets may arise

In a determined effort to achieve the best possible settlement for you and make certain you meet your fiduciary duty of full asset disclosure, we call on qualified accountants and other experts experienced in performing research, interpreting business records, completing accurate business valuations, and establishing rightful ownership of separate (non-community) property.

Although we call on others to do the research and math, lawyer Brenda McCune is adept at developing and recommending legal strategies for accomplishing your goals — whether you feel a business should be liquidated, or that you should be compensated in accordance with an accurate business valuation.

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With substantial assets hanging in the balance, your choice of a divorce lawyer may be critical to your future. We offer a free initial consultation to explore your circumstances and make this vital decision with the information and insight you need.