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Property Division

Strong, Dependable Knowledge of Property Division in Divorce

In our well-established Orange County family law practice, we often work with people who can agree on key issues such as child custody but need an experienced lawyer to help sort out financial issues and advocate for fair property division.

Whatever financial complexities may be present in your divorce, you can trust attorney Brenda McCune to protect your rights through negotiation or litigation if necessary. To request a free consultation, please call or e-mail our Brea, California, law office today.

Getting to the Truth and Cutting Through Complexity

California is a community property state — which essentially means that all money, property and assets acquired during a marriage are to be divided equally ("50/50") in a divorce. For more information, you can review our information center on this subject. However, many complexities, suspicions and disputes can arise, sometimes making application of this formula far less simple than it seems.

Declining real estate values and overall economic volatility in recent years have made division of property — and debts — a pivotal issue for many divorcing couples. In many cases, what happens with the family home is an especially critical issue today. Our strengths include:

  • Emphasis on absolute truth in disclosure of all community ("marital") property for both parties — helping ensure you meet your own fiduciary duty and emerge in the best possible financial condition
  • Proven ability to deal effectively with "negative asset" cases — which enables a departure from the "50/50" approach based on who is more able to take on the debt
  • Familiarity with quality forensic accountants throughout the area — these professionals have dealt with prior California dissolution cases and have the skills to locate hidden assets and document your right to inherited or other separate property
  • Substantial experience in divorce cases where valuation of a business or professional practice is a key, or complex element of the overall property division

If Property Distribution Is Important to You, Call 714.660.2296 or 888.841.3203 (Toll Free) Today

From retirement benefits to business interests and other valuable assets, we focus on ensuring that our clients receive fair property division under the law. Our successful practice has been built on our ability to help people set realistic expectations and negotiate or litigate assertively to obtain positive results. For the counsel you need in a difficult time, please contact us.