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Experienced Paternity Lawyer in Orange County, California

Issues regarding custody and child support in relationships where the parents are not married can be problematic and extremely complicated Family law attorney Brenda McCune knows the complex California laws that apply in these situations and has helped many clients sort through the facts to understand options and obligations in a paternity case.

If you are seeking a non-judgmental, highly informed lawyer to help you deal with your paternity case, please contact us today. Attorney Brenda McCune is prepared to:

  • Explain the legal aspects of procedures required to establish or disprove parentage, including your right to have or prohibit DNA testing
  • Advocate for you as a custodial parent entitled to child support
  • Represent you if you are a married or single parent who wants clear answers and clarity on your rights and obligations, including your desire for involvement and visitation/parenting time with your child

The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) can file actions to establish paternity and secure financial support for a child. In some cases, however, default judgments are filed against men who are unaware they are a child's father — or are not the child's biological father. Default judgments by DCSS can result in substantial child support obligations. If a default paternity judgment has been entered against you, we can provide valuable advocacy and your protect your rights as a father.

In a Life-Changing Situation, Turn to an Attorney Who Knows The Current Law

As a board-certified family law specialist, Brenda McCune can talk to you about current cases and evolving paternity law, including recent California court decisions that may be relevant to your situation. Our legal team is immersed in child custody and child support matters, and impeccably well equipped to give you straight answers and help you establish practical, realistic expectations.

In light of the great importance of the attorney-client relationship in a paternity case or other family law matter, attorney Brenda McCune offers a free consultation to discuss specific circumstances, needs, expectations and goals. For your convenience and added flexibility in a challenging time, we accept credit card payments for our services.