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Parental Relocation/Move-aways

Moving with Kids, or Want to Prevent a Parental Relocation?

One of the most challenging and complex issues that mothers and fathers can face after a divorce is the opportunity or need to relocate. Many questions arise around your legal rights as a mother or father, your ex-spouse's rights, and what is best for your kids.

Family courts in Orange County and the surrounding area are dealing with parental relocation cases daily in these difficult economic times. It is in your best interest to work with a proven attorney who keeps up with current law and recent decisions, such as attorney Brenda McCune. Please contact us today if you are a considering a move-away or want to prevent a move that could impact your relationships with your children.

A Lawyer Prepared to Deal Practically with the Complexities of Your Dispute

We take a practical, legally sound and diligent approach to difficult family law issues including parental relocation. Ms. McCune is fully capable of presenting the facts associated with your job loss, unemployment, or better career opportunities elsewhere.

The issue of relocating with children is complex, regardless of which side you are on. The law has also changed in recent years and a parent who has a greater custodial time share does not necessarily have the "get out of California free" card. If you are facing this legal issue, you need competent representation from an attorney experienced in dealing with this issue.

Regardless of your precise situation, the court will prioritize the best interests of the child or children. Experienced, focused lawyer Brenda McCune is adept at assessing your parental relocation case in terms of how the court is likely to view it, enabling you to make sound decisions about whether to take legal action.

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At the Brea, California, The Law Office of Brenda Lynn McCune, you can depend on receiving personal attention from an experienced lawyer. You can also depend on being treated with respect. Whether your situation calls for a modification of custody/parenting time orders or outright contest of an ex-spouse's decision and right to move, we are here to help.