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Changing Support Orders

A Brea, California, Lawyer Handling Child Support Modifications

Although the initial determination of child support is often straightforward, based on statutory guidelines, obtaining a change in your support order may be more complex than you think. We urge you to act quickly: Make the call to our Orange County family law firm today if you have lost your job or suffered another setback preventing you from meeting court-ordered support obligations.

In a recession and a period of rising unemployment, things can become more challenging for family court judges as well as virtually everyone else. Even though the court retains power to change your support orders after your divorce or paternity case, a judge may be reluctant to do so if he or she believes the decision will adversely impact your children in serious ways.

Strong Case Evaluation and Preparation Can Make the Difference for You

Recognizing that the court's priority is to make certain that children receive as much support as necessary, we will assess your circumstances and build a thorough case for a support modification. When you hire our firm, you can benefit from attorney Brenda McCune's in-depth knowledge of current laws and strong reputation for integrity in our area's family courts.

It is critical to recognize:

  • There is no statute of limitations on collection of child support — meaning that if you stop paying but do not take appropriate legal action, you could ultimately owe many thousands of dollars.
  • Keeping complete, accurate records of child and spousal support payments can be essential protection for you if a dispute ever arises.
  • It is common for courts to "impute" income to those seeking a change in support orders due to loss of a job or change in employment. The court may determine what you "can" or ought to earn and utilize that amount instead of your actual income.

Knowing how and why a court will use imputed income is a critical step in obtaining child support relief when your personal financial situation has suffered a downturn. Mishandling the facts or law in an attempt to "do it yourself" could result in an unfavorable order that is difficult to impossible to modify later.

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All these factors increase the importance of having strong, experienced legal representation. In addition to taking action for the unemployed and victims of other financial setbacks, we are familiar with the necessary procedures for seeking an upward or downward adjustment in child support when circumstances justify such a change.

When you work with us at The Law Office of Brenda Lynn McCune, we will set realistic expectations for what can be achieved in your family law case — and take assertive action on your behalf when your situation justifies it.