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Changing Custody & Visitation

Are Children at Risk Under Your Current Custody Arrangement?

When your divorce was granted and finalized, the court took under advisement the circumstances that pertained at that point in time. When those circumstances change, sometimes many years later, various court orders may need to be modified in order to fit these changed circumstances.

At The Law Office of Brenda McCune in Orange County, California, we have the knowledge and experience to help you seek a post-judgment modification of child custody or visitation. As with original custody decisions, it is crucial to keep in mind that the courts prioritize the best interests of your children. In fact, the burden of proof is even greater when a change in custody is sought, making it essential to contact an attorney who has handled such modification cases successfully.

Taking Decisive Action to Stop Abuse and Protect Your Child

We will hear you out, take you seriously, and act promptly on your behalf if current custody and/or visitation orders are endangering or harming your children. Some of the many scenarios that may enable us to build a solid case for a custody/parenting time change include:

  • Domestic violence or abuse in any form — whether in the home of the custodial parent or occurring during the non-custodial parent's time with kids
  • Substance abuse by either parent, a stepparent or significant other, or anyone else having contact with your children
  • Persistent failure of a child to thrive in the current arrangement — as when they are engaging in criminal behavior or failing in school

Because of the high burden of proof and the complexity of such cases, we often call on qualified mental health professionals and others essential to proving your allegations or substantiating what your children are telling you. You can count on our firm, led by board-certified family law specialist Brenda McCune, to go the distance in applying the law on your behalf.

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Attorney Brenda McCune is a skilled negotiator and litigator who brings passion as well as knowledge to matters involving children's and families' well-being. Whether you are seeking a new parenting plan or a change in physical custody, we encourage you to contact us and request a free initial consultation with a lawyer who cares.