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Family Law After Divorce

Strong Legal Advocacy When Your Circumstances Change

Whether overall economic conditions are positive or adverse and volatile, everyone's circumstances are likely to change substantially at some point after a divorce. Life has its ups and downs, certainly, and it would be utterly impractical for the orders that come out of a divorce to be permanent in all circumstances.

After a divorce or the resolution of a paternity case, courts in Orange County and throughout California retain the power to modify orders for child support, custody, visitation/parenting time, and certain other matters. If your circumstances have changed significantly, impacting your ability to pay support or comply with other orders, prompt action may be critical. We can help.

Assertively Pursuing Modifications of Support, Custody and Other Orders

In part due to the preponderance of job losses and other economic change in recent years, we devote a substantial portion of our professional energies to pursuing justified modifications of court orders. Whether you are a past divorce client or need an accomplished lawyer you can trust, Brenda McCune can be a proven resource for you on matters including:

Fast, Decisive Action May Be Essential to Your Financial Future

Any need for a modification of orders should be dealt with promptly. These serious situations call for an experienced attorney such as Brenda McCune. She is fully equipped to assess your likelihood of success in full view of current California law and recent court decisions. Please contact us today and request a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and concerns.