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Prenuptial Agreements

A Divorce Lawyer Prepared to Challenge Your Prenuptial Agreement

If you have an existing prenuptial agreement and are now considering or facing divorce, it is important to be aware that such contracts are commonly and successfully challenged in court. Do not assume that your prenuptial agreement will necessarily control or determine property division in your divorce. Instead, we encourage you to contact us at The Law Office of Brenda Lynn McCune. We offer a free initial consultation, and your prenuptial agreement can be one subject in that discussion.

A Diligent Approach to Key Aspects of Your Divorce

Certified family law specialist Brenda McCune rarely drafts prenuptial agreements, in part because California law is constantly evolving and there can be no guarantee that an agreement drafted now will be valid should you ever divorce. However, our North Orange County-based law firm is a solid resource for people with a need to know whether stipulations in an existing prenuptial agreement are likely to be viewed as valid — or might be subject to litigation.

Determined Advocacy for You on Property Division and Other Key Issues

Simply stated, there are several substantial "loopholes" based upon recent developments in California law as it pertains to prenuptial agreements. Attorney Brenda McCune stays current on the law and court decisions that may be relevant to your divorce case, and our experience extends to:

  • Litigation over both recent and longstanding prenuptial agreements
  • Representation of men and women dealing with complex issues in divorce
  • Building strong cases for fair property division and defense of our clients' futures, including retention of inherited property and other separate property

We provide divorce counsel and representation throughout Orange County and also practice in Los Angeles County. Whatever issues or complexities are involved in your case, you can turn to attorney Brenda McCune with confidence that she will make no assumptions and deal effectively with critical details.