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A Skilled, Committed Advocate for Your California Divorce

North Orange County native and widely respected attorney Brenda McCune has a full understanding of all available methods and strategies for getting through a divorce. In some important respects, our firm's approach to divorce representation is traditional. Ms. McCune has found, based on years of focused experience, that assertive negotiation and diligent case preparation — leaving the possibility of a trial in play — is the best way to achieve positive results for our clients.

While entering mediation or a collaborative law situation may work for some, we strongly believe that your decision to contact us can prevent you from making unnecessary concessions or travelling down blind alleys that can ultimately cost you more money and emotional distress.

Offering You Clear Information on Mediation — Including the Pitfalls

The term "mediation" enters into California family law in several ways. It may be mandated if you are engaged in a child custody dispute, for example. We are well prepared to offer guidance if this is a factor in your divorce.

In other cases, either divorcing spouse may propose that agreeing to resolve critical issues in mediation — on the premise that you will save money and reduce conflict — is a sensible approach. Confidentiality and the concept of collaboration can be very appealing. This can become problematic for a variety of reasons that include:

  • An unreasonable, controlling person may become more aggressive once the possibility of a trial is removed.
  • Eliminating the threat of litigation can mean a loss of leverage for you, and the desire to get through the ordeal as quickly and efficiently as possible can lead to concessions and additional and further delays that are not in your best interests.
  • A case that is well prepared for trial, generally is easy to settle because all the facts and circumstances, strengths and weaknesses of the case, are known to the attorney and client. The vast majority of our cases are settled without the need for a contested trial on all issues.

At The Law Office of Brenda McCune, we are committed to providing honest counsel and achieving full disclosure in your divorce case. We firmly believe in our duty to our client, to advise and lead you toward whatever path, settlement or litigation, that is in your individual best interests. Ms. McCune is also a skilled lawyer who can put the facts to work in your favor. If you are evaluating the best way to resolve your divorce or any other family law matter, please request a free consultation at our Brea, California, office today.