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Child Support

Skilled Child Support Representation for Fathers and Mothers

Establishing accurate facts is essential to arriving at a fair child support order in any California divorce. With these facts in hand, we can help any divorcing parent form realistic expectations on what he or she will be entitled to receive or required to pay. At our family law firm in Brea, California, a skilled lawyer will address this essential issue early and thoroughly for you — beginning with a free consultation.

Have Circumstances Changed Since Your Original Child Support Order?

A child support order in a divorce is often quite straightforward, based on the child custody arrangement and detailed statutory guidelines. However, many people in today's volatile economy are dealing with job loss, a parent's need to relocate, and other issues that may justify a modification of the child support order.

Attorney Brenda McCune counsels and represents many people forced to seek a change in child support. Prompt action and skilled representation are essential if you are unable to pay court-ordered support — or if you believe changes in your ex-spouse's situation entitle your children to receive additional support.

In extreme cases, the failure to act results in many thousands of dollars owed or unrecovered — even after your children have become emancipated. If you have questions or concerns involving child support, we will address them head-on.

Turn to Us for Reliable Guidance on Your Legal Options

Attorney Brenda McCune's knowledge and experience covers:

  • Cases in which concealed, or "hidden" assets should be considered
  • The potential impact of a bonus or dividend income on child support orders
  • California family courts' latitude in assigning imputed income to a child support payor who may be unemployed or under-employed

Perhaps the biggest misconception surrounding California child support is that the order should be determined by what the payor can afford. Deviations from the formula are rare and affordability is not a consideration. We offer our clients clear, realistic counsel based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of current case law.

Whether you are facing divorce and need to plan for your financial future, or you are dealing with major changes in financial circumstances, please contact us today. We capably represent fathers and mothers throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County from the Diamond Bar-Chino Hills area to Fullerton and Long Beach, from Anaheim southward to Santa Ana and Irvine, California.