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Child Custody

A Proven Child Custody Lawyer in North Orange County

Is custody of a child or multiple children the major issue on your mind right now? Are you working toward acceptance of a major change in your family situation, but concerned about protection of your rights as a mother or father and the details of any divorce settlement? Please contact us today to thoroughly discuss your goals and concerns with attorney Brenda McCune.

In any divorce involving minor children, the children's best interests must be kept in the forefront. The same is true in a paternity case or when circumstances change after divorce and you believe a change in custody or parenting time is justified. California family courts operate on this principle, and it is important for mothers and fathers to recognize this early in the process.

Sound Legal Counsel to Resolve Disputes and Handle Crucial Details

Even divorcing couples who agree on a basic child custody arrangement — whether that means sole or shared legal custody and sole or shared physical custody — often need professional legal counsel and advocacy to resolve critical details. California board-certified family law specialist Brenda McCune is adept at helping our clients:

  • Set solid, realistic expectations and achieve fair outcomes on vital issues such as child support
  • Take appropriate action if allegations of domestic violence, including restraining orders, may factor into your child custody case — or if substance abuse is a consideration
  • Attain clarity and establish a plan for parenting time/visitation that meets your unique scheduling and relationship needs — whether this involves basic language governing an amicable relationship or detailed guidelines and restrictions

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Based on many years' experience, we know the phrase "best interests of the child" can have different meanings for each parent. Restructuring a family with shared parenting can lead to many disagreements, and this major event calls for an insightful lawyer who will involve outside resources if necessary and represent your family's interests with energy and commitment.

At The Law Office of Brenda Lynn McCune in Brea, we help mothers and fathers understand the laws relevant to their unique child custody — and we build solid cases on established facts. Beginning with a free consultation, we can help you target an outcome that protects your legal rights and your most important relationships.