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Annulments & Legal Separation

Considering Ending Your California Marriage Without Divorce?

Attorney Brenda McCune is a lifelong resident of North Orange County who approaches every family law situation she encounters with gravity, empathy and practicality. As a board-certified family law specialist, she also leads a focused law firm with extensive knowledge of all the forms of relief available to people in marriages that no longer work.

We have provided counsel and representation to numerous people with a desire to restructure their family situations without resorting to divorce. Annulments and legal separation are valid options for people in very specific circumstances, but they should be pursued with full, accurate information about pitfalls and limitations. Please contact us today to discuss your problems and goals with a lawyer committed to achieving the best outcome for you and avoiding future complications.

Talk Through Options with a Practical, Accomplished Lawyer — Free of Charge

Dedicated lawyer Brenda McCune will hear you out on:

  • Religious considerations
  • The very real financial implications of divorce that often include tough decisions regarding health and life insurance, and
  • The impact of divorce on your children

Your telephone conversation or visit to our welcoming, comfortable office in Brea, California will be worthwhile, regardless of whether you decide Ms. McCune is the right attorney to help you achieve your goals.

A Patient, Determined Approach to Achieving Your Goals

Annulment and legal separation are options in California. Our legal team is versed in the nuances of executing a sound legal separation, and we have accomplished this for numerous clients. This experience, however, has largely reinforced our conviction that a properly structured divorce is the better option for many people — of various ages and backgrounds — who may initially believe that avoiding divorce at all costs is the best way to go.

To meet with a lawyer who will take the time to understand you and your objectives, and lay it on the line when it comes to legal separation or another approach intended to get the results you want, please contact us today.