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Brea, California, Area Divorce Counsel and Representation

For people in North Orange County, where we have focused our family law practice for many years, divorce is almost always an extremely serious, life-changing event. To benefit from the knowledge and skill of a board-certified family law specialist as you assess your options and decide how to proceed, please contact us today.

Experienced family law attorney Brenda McCune strives to help men and women facing divorce achieve a measure of clarity and set realistic expectations. We take an informed, educational approach to protecting your interests and achieving the best possible overall outcome in your case.

Determined, Relentless Protection of Your Personal and Financial Interests

Even if you and your divorcing spouse can agree on a child custody arrangement and other matters such as child support are relatively straightforward, issues involving property division and spousal support may be complex and challenging. Hearing you out and treating your individual concerns with respect, we are prepared to:

  • Do everything possible to protect your mother's or father's rights and your relationships with your children
  • Discuss either spouse's preference for an annulment or legal separation, and candidly discuss whether mediation or collaborative law is likely to be effective for resolving your case
  • Deal comprehensively with all aspects of property division, including helping you evaluate a short sale, equity buy-out or other solution involving the family home or other real estate
  • Review an existing prenuptial agreement in light of many important judicial decisions that may impact its validity

Emphasizing Honesty, Practicality, and Maximum Preparation of Your Case

Although we handle many cases involving domestic violence and other serious problems in relationships, it is important to achieve focus on the legal outcomes you want. Sometimes, this starts with acceptance that irreconcilable differences are sufficient grounds for divorce in California: If either spouse wants a divorce, it will happen.

When various issues in a divorce are contested, we will build and prepare your divorce case for trial — developing a position of strength that most often results in a favorable out-of-court settlement. To discuss dedicated protection of your rights in this emotionally challenging time, please contact us and request a free consultation with proven lawyer Brenda McCune.