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California is a community property state. All community property (property acquired during the marriage) is divided in half if the couple divorces. As many divorced parties know and as we know at the Law Office of Brenda McCune, that property division formula is seldom as simple as it sounds.

Money and property acquired before the marriage is not community property. Money acquired by one spouse's inheritance is not community property. But ...

  • What happens when marital property has become commingled with separate property? (Marital funds are used to build a home on inherited property, for example.)
  • What happens when marital property has been used to contribute to separate property? (Marital property, for example, pays the mortgage on separate property.)

The Law Office of Brenda McCune has exceptional capabilities in document management, document production, and finding the money and paper trails that lead to undisclosed marital property.

Working with experienced forensic accountants, and using her own business legal background, property division lawyer Brenda McCune knows how to use the discovery process and manage information to find hidden or disguised property. For example, by examining a family business's cash flows, she has uncovered perks in a family business that should be counted as belonging to the marriage. By careful accounting to trace commingled contributions, she assures you that the marital property is reimbursed for contributions to separate property.

For a fair division of community property, select a lawyer - Brenda McCune - who will assure you that all relevant property is discovered, counted and divided.

For more information about community property, see our Divorce and Community Property practice center.

The Law Office of Brenda McCune represents clients in and around the California communities of Yorba Linda, Placentia, Fullerton, Brea and Anaheim.

Property division lawyer Brenda McCune is a certified family law specialist.

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