Many divorces contain some element of domestic violence – emotional, physical, financial or mental. For more information on domestic violence, including emergency help information, see our domestic violence page.


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Domestic Violence Attorney in Brea

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Domestic violence is a terrible reality in many divorces. In our extensive experience helping individuals and families through the process of divorce, the Law Office of Brenda McCune has seen and heard of countless instances of abuse.

If you are in immediate need of help for domestic violence, call 911.

For information about:

  • Domestic violence assistance programs
  • Information and assistance with protective orders
  • Orders of relief
  • Signs of domestic violence

Read the information about Domestic Violence Assistance Programs provided by the Orange County Sheriff's Department. You will find names and phone numbers of available shelters and information about protection orders.

Domestic violence is not always about physical violence. It is a description of a cycle of abuse that often appears in broken relationships. The abuse can be physical, emotional, mental or financial. The degree or type of abuse is not necessarily an indication of the danger a person is in. While it may seem that financial abuse, for example, is not life threatening, it is about control. The abuser may suddenly choose harsh or even lethal methods of physical control. Some signs of domestic violence include:

  • Changes in behavior or mood
  • Declining performance or increasing absenteeism at a job
  • Lack of concentration
  • Unexplained injuries and/or bruises
  • Making excuses for physical wounds

At the Law Office of Brenda McCune, we are well aware of domestic violence issues and will help you find ways to protect yourself. Contact us to discuss your situation. In an emergency, however, do not wait. Call 911.

We are dedicated to helping clients deal with the domestic abuse they are facing. One way to prevent domestic violence is to seek an order of relief. Also known as a restraining order, this type of court order can put constraints on the abuser and prevent him or her from coming near you. Our firm can help you seek a

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