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A Tough Attorney to Help You Through The Tough TimesAttorney Brenda McCune - Certified Family Law Specialist

A Proven Legal Resource in North Orange County

Skilled, Focused Divorce and Family Law Representation

If you are coping with divorce or a paternity matter, or require a modification to resolve critical problems that have arisen afterward, it is essential to work with a lawyer who inspires your confidence and trust. At the Brea, California, The Law Office of Brenda Lynn McCune, we recognize that your financial future and personal well-being may be on the line right now.

We encourage you to contact us today to arrange a consultation. You can talk through your concerns and challenges directly with a caring attorney who will approach your situation with empathy and practicality. From child custody and support issues to critical matters of property division in divorce, you can count on our absolute dedication to helping you make sound decisions and take assertive legal action.

Personal Attention and an Empathetic Yet Practical Approach

Practicing in divorce and related practice areas exclusively since 1996, Brenda McCune is a native of North Orange County well equipped to understand the issues in your case, respecting your personal values and goals every step of the way. She is immersed in California family law, determined to help you form realistic expectations and execute plans to protect what matters most to you.

Attorney Brenda McCune is certified by the State Bar of California as a family law specialist. In order to obtain this certification, an attorney must have strong, active concentration in the field, maintain ongoing legal education and receive favorable evaluations from judges and other attorneys. Her strengths include:

  • In-depth knowledge of specific statutes and recent cases relevant to your legal options and goals
  • A deep commitment to honest, direct communication with each client, and to gaining a thorough understanding of all the details that matter
  • Proven ability to negotiate or litigate on your behalf aggressively, ethically and with integrity

Your Choice of an Attorney Now Can Be Critical for Your Future

Whether you anticipate a fairly amicable divorce or an intently contested battle, the quality of your representation can make a major difference in the outcome. We want you to make an informed choice, and we offer a free initial consultation.

Brenda Talks on Divorce, Custody & Family Law